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Why the can of wire drawing machine will appear different degree of oxidation on the metal surface

by:HONTA     2020-07-17

in the process of drawing, even cans of wire drawing machine wire in the drum circumferential direction and there is no relative sliding along the drum drum surface circumferential direction, the surface wear is relatively small when a reel of temporary parking, followed by the drum can still rely on their product line of work for a period of time as usual. The model has a simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low manufacturing cost advantages why even tank wire drawing machine wire surface will appear different degree of oxidation of saponification liquid content in the sealed chamber coolant is insufficient, increase the friction of metal wire with the roller, and then make the wire temperature rise again, surface oxidation caused by wire. Seal chamber of the cooling water pressure and water quantity is not enough, the wire will not be able to achieve satisfactory cooling effect. Seal chamber of the cooling water temperature is too high, sealed chamber on wire is less than the required cooling effect, causing monofilament after annealing temperature is still high, high temperatures in the presence of oxygen in the air. What are the solution to the periodic inspection of the circulating water pressure is normal, according to the variation of water pressure in production continuously to change into the sealed chamber of the cooling water pressure and water. Regularly check the cooling circulating water equipment is operating normally, the cooling effect is normal; Join in a while in the seal chamber can improve saponification liquid concentration of substances, so that we can change the saponification liquid content in the cooling water, ensure the wire on the wheel to function properly is even a can of wire drawing machine related matters above, hope to be able to help you

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