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Why the production of wire drawing machine back to appear broken wires phenomenon

by:HONTA     2020-07-18
The main characteristic of

wire drawing machine is on the cylinder is equipped with vent, and cylinder connected at least two or more. Within the cylinder screw pitch is different from behind, don't need plastic mixer mixing, and be able to suck out plastic water in mixing, the plastic wire, uniform thickness, smooth, not easy broken wires, and high efficiency, less energy consumption why production of wire drawing machine when back to appear for a variety of rod broken wires of quality problem in the process of production, rod irregularly. Quality defects, which makes monofilament was all sorts of unpredictable tension in the wire drawing deformation pulled apart or cause drag mark. Less frequent when the situation in the rod material is good. Due to the current production of annealing is not constant, the current high suddenly, monofilament is pulled or by mutations in the process of annealing the strong current of fuse. Wire drawing die in the uninterrupted production due to normal wear and make the drawing die of sizing area. Above is the wire drawing machine related matters, hope to be able to help you

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