HONTA focus on wire drawing machine and other wire machine since 2006. Pursue excellence, surpass ourselves.  Make Chinese wire machine serves world.

Why wire buncher is produced by so many manufacturers?
More and more modest and midsize manufacturers in china choose to make wire buncher since it owns a great commercial prospect due to its broad application and low-cost. These products are easier to customize to meet customers' specifications.

Kunshan City Hongtai Machinery & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully occupied most markets of pay off machine. HONTA Wire Drawing Machine produces a number of different product series, including wire drawing machine parts. This product has the advantages of long service life and stable performance. The nickel tubes are made from a special alloy, which ensures its longer service life. The product is popular in the market, meeting the requirements of customers. The product has the advanatage of homogeneous temperature distribution.

Our company will work hard to fulfill our commitment to responsibly managing its effects made on society, economy, and environment. We will run business in line with public expectations. Inquire!
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