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Why wire drawing machine is widely used

by:HONTA     2020-07-21

about the wire drawing machine, which includes the content of common sense is very much, it is widely used in recent years. Why, then, wire drawing machine has been widely used in industry? And see it together. Wire drawing machine has been widely used, it is inseparable with its own characteristics.

in terms of industrial processes, it not only can be satisfied with a variety of needs, and is energy-saving facilities, therefore, will be looking forward to it. We can take one of the advantages, for example, for its energy-saving effect is very good, has the slip compensation function, high precision and speed, stable tension can be useful to avoid break the conditions such as attack, etc. , are ideal to satisfied the demands of the industry. But while on the job strengths is numerous, but should pay attention to when operating the local also many. In the process of the use of wire drawing machine, it is necessary to ensure the safe operation, early in the whole process of wire drawing processing, operating personnel necessary to wear gloves, which is help to maintain the appearance of artifacts, avoid scratching damage. About the wire drawing machine, its process, mainly divided into three aspects, respectively is brushed, pay-off and take-up. In the three links, drawing is one of the most main link, due to its relationship to the quality of wire drawing, etc. , so it is necessary to be careful operation. About today, the commonly used control method, is usually a small wire drawing machine manipulation of the form, can explain, its tensile and coiling control, controlled by PLC and IPC is then achieved infinitely adjustable-speed intentions. However, should also pay attention to is that not used blindly. By now, from the wire drawing machine has also been a lot of updating and upgrading, so far, the type many, for example, water tank type wire drawing machine, straight into the type wire drawing machine, inverted wire drawing machine and pulley wire drawing machine, etc. , it has been very widely used, can say, it is the very main a manufacturing processing equipment. Keep in mind, the operator before the operation, should be taken seriously every link, the wire drawing machine to complete homework, should be timely finishing all the parts of the workpiece, when processing requests according to skill set appropriate direction of wire drawing, wire drawing, wire drawing, abrasive belt, etc.

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