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Wire drawing machine can't start and frequent disconnection is why

by:HONTA     2020-07-21

in the user operating wire drawing machine equipment, often encounter some trouble. The more common problems include equipment host could not be started, and frequently the phenomenon of the emergence of broken wires, etc. So, after encountered such a problem, how can we quickly solve, to make the wire drawing machine equipment back to normal work state? Look at the specific content below, hope to help.

why do we begin by analyzing the wire drawing machine equipment appeared unable to start such a problem. In fact, there are many factors that can appear this kind of situation, the first reason is that the device of control the power switch to the ON state, none at this time we should control the power switch to ON. The second reason may be due to the last time the production process of wire break down the problem, or is caused by failing to reset after downtime, so at this time to reset can be solved. A third reason could be because the wire drawing machine equipment scram button did not shut down, this time should be shut down this button. The fourth reason is due to frequency converter tripping unbootable. This time can reference frequency converter operation display panel shown in the above information, and then turn off the power, wait for 30 seconds after the restart. Another headache problem is the wire drawing machine in the process of equipment operation, frequent disconnection problem. This will give us caused great waste, so be sure to solve the problem in time. Appear such problems, its reason is also includes many aspects. Such as eye may be due to the use of modular configuration is undeserved, should be reconfigured eye model. In addition, also may be due to the wire drawing machine equipment running too fast, resulting in wire fracture; Or is the quality of the wire itself is there is a problem, should replace wire; The lubricant or use metamorphism, should change new, etc.

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