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Wire drawing machine drawing of the surface of the metal wire why be oxidation

by:HONTA     2020-08-09

in the industry, wire drawing machine is a commonly used for drawing wire equipment, but in the process of drawing, often happen some problems, for example, we found that the use of wire drawing machine to pull out of the surface of the metal wire can produce different degree of oxidation, this is what reason is caused? As we know, wire drawing machine usually belongs to continuous operation, the reason will be pulled out of the surface of the metal wire to produce different degree of oxidation of this kind of situation, there are three kinds of reasons, probably the concrete content is as follows.

may be due to the sealed chamber of the cooling water temperature is not up to par, so to reach the ideal cooling effect. Such as the temperature of the cooling water is very high, even more than 40 ℃, therefore, despite the cooling process but have not reached the standard of cooling, leading to wire drawing machine to pull out of monofilament still has high temperature after annealing, in this case oxygen in the air, thereby oxidizing phenomenon. May be due to the seal room cooling fluid composition appeared problems, such as not enough saponification liquid, this kind of situation, can lead to wire drawing machine to pull out the friction between the wire and the idler pulley increases, therefore, will make the wire temperature rise, the surface oxidation of the metal wire. May be due to its sealed interior water pressure of cooling water or too little water, this situation will lead to poor cooling effect, so you can't have good cooling effect, and eventually make the wire drawing machine to pull out the wire appear oxidation phenomenon. For this problem, we recommend that measures should be taken are: pay attention to the equipment is working properly check the cooling circulating water, cooling effect is normal; Every once in a while, he shall be to seal chamber into a certain amount can increase the saponification liquid concentration of substances, so as to ensure the normal working of wire can be on the idler pulley; Pay attention to insure the normal water pressure of the circulating water, should be timely according to the situation of the water pressure to adjust cooling water pressure and water seal chamber.

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