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Wire drawing machine drawing speed and drawing force can improve at the same time, the calculation method of drawing speed

by:HONTA     2020-04-11
Wire drawing machine used in the process of how to improve the drawing speed and drawing force? Answer about this problem may let you down, because the wire drawing machine drawing force can't while increasing drawing speed. We by adjusting the wire drawing machine equipment to improve the drawing speed, the drawing force decreases. Why the drawing speed and drawing force cannot be improved at the same time? Actually this problem very good explanation, after gaining drawing speed wire drawing machine, the friction has made a lot of improvement, get a lower friction coefficient, the external friction and the additional shear deformation will inevitably will also reduce the force required, this will make the drawing force is reduced. Actually such equipment has a certain advantage, at least the safety of the wire drawing machine system will improve a lot. But drawing machine drawing speed is not too high, otherwise the device start moment of steel wire is easy to be pulled, even if want to choose the wire drawing machine, high speed, also should pay attention to configuration suitable speed regulating device, and ensure the steady acceleration in the process of operation, to ensure that the drawing can be carried out as normal and homework. Next we know about the straight line wire drawing machine drawing speed calculation method of straight line wire drawing machine is first choice products of many in the wire drawing equipment, not only because of its safety, operation, but also because of its high efficiency, pull out the wire quality is higher. From the straight line wire drawing machine, found that after a comprehensive understanding of drawing speed is one of the important parameters affect the whole working process, if you want to know a straight line wire drawing machine drawing speed is how much, how should do? Straight line wire drawing machine drawing speed can be calculated through a method, namely the PI r2 * v2 v1 = PI r2, but there is a premise, only when every moment through die steel wire of the second flow volume, the above formula can be established. May look at this formula, a lot of people still don't know is how to calculate, let small make up to explain to you. The r means into the line of wire diameter; V1 represents linear velocity in the line of wire; After a is the diameter of the wire steel wire; V2 represents the linear velocity of outlet wire, only needs to be calculated using the corresponding data. In recent years is known to all countries on the slope safety protection very seriously, in a number of important sections surrounding mountains are installed the fence. Especially in railway tunnel fence installation slope is very important, can effectively protect the security of the whole railway, unobstructed. These slope fence with woven wire rope, and rope metal SiDou of choice is made from wire drawing machine drawing, the demand for wire rope is very big, is unable to meet the common wire drawing machine equipment, so the choice of more straight into type wire drawing machine equipment.
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