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Wire drawing machine equipment of environmental protection concept

by:HONTA     2020-07-07

a common wire drawing machine generally as long as 100000 dollars can buy, but now a lot of wire drawing machine to buy factory to spend $340000 from abroad big cost to purchase environmental protection wire drawing machine. The enterprise's energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness is now more and more strong, the social responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection has become the unavoidable indeed, enterprise development can not only look at present, energy conservation and environmental protection also to create benefit.

it is understood that if use common wire drawing machine production of screws, need to consume nearly 1000 kilograms of drawing powder on a monthly basis. Drawing powder main composition is lime, lime prone to dust, and the new type wire drawing machine can produce without drawing powder and effect. Save the drawing powder money, but also decrease the pollution of dust, why not do it. The need when producing screw water cleaning products, a month can produce a large number of industrial wastewater, the wastewater containing acid, alkali, chemical material such as metal elements, if random discharge will cause serious pollution to the environment. So to set up the large and small sewage treatment tank, sewage treatment through multiple instruments to process, the sewage back into the original water. Recycled back into production line, and filter the impurities in wastewater, packed up, sold to waste recycling company recycling science. Above these environmental protection concept and equipment and the examples, the combination of these measures in view of the benefit for society environment.

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