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Wire drawing machine equipment operation requirements and daily maintenance

by:HONTA     2020-07-08

many users in their daily use wire drawing machine equipment for production work, may not be entirely carried out in accordance with the correct operation rules. And if such work state for a long time, is bound to wire drawing machine equipment using performance brought certain negative impact. So what specific shall abide by the procedures? Let's simple introduce for everybody.

first of all, all relevant staff should be well prepared in advance, carefully check the drawings and technical information, for example, familiar with and understand the knowledge, so as not to cause the batch scrap or waste. In the use of wire drawing machine equipment drawing operations, staff need to ensure that the equipment wire drawing direction, working condition and meet the requirements such as drawing quality. In addition, still should choose to suit the abrasive belt. It is important to note that there are some staff lack of consciousness, tend to ignore some details in the process of operation, such as not wearing gloves, so that not only may affect the quality of processed products, and, more importantly, also could lead to certain damage to ourselves. In addition, before the wire drawing, must be carried out on the workpiece cleaning, may not directly use wire drawing machine equipment for wire drawing operation. Finally, when the product processing is completed, should pay attention to the reasonable storage and packaging, so as to avoid surface injury. You also need to clean up the work in time field, ensure the wire drawing machine equipment next time will still be able to run normally. In the process of daily maintenance, should pay attention to keep clean on the surface of the equipment, and check for each line and joint is normal. Finally, the staff shall regularly check the wire drawing machine lubrication situation of equipment, and in a timely manner to add lubricant. And pay attention to check the status of abrasive belt, should be timely adjusted as necessary. If you have any abnormal situation found equipment, should be timely repair service.

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