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Wire drawing machine gear pump in the nursing knowledge

by:HONTA     2020-07-22

wire drawing machine in operation, the internal gear pump to keep the condition of high speed, so if in daily work well for its maintenance and maintenance, is not only increased their use of time, and reduce the probability of the failure, thus reducing the maintenance cost.

first, to provide an ideal working environment. Have, the main job of cleaning, wire drawing machine of the pump to keep in a dry, and there is no corrosive gas environment, so as to avoid affected by external factors. Second, if there is a long time without use, avoid by all means before use, shall, in accordance with the requirement to use five hundred v megohmmeter measure the insulation of the winding resistance. If the electric pumping liquid pump used in damp environment, should also be so before use. If the measurement results show that the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor housing is lower than 7 megohm, must to winding drying measures, so as not to affect the wire drawing machine in the working performance of the gear pump. Then, due to the equipment is high speed, so must be lubricated. Before the use of wire drawing machine, be sure to check the gear pump, must make place of bearing lubrication can keep clean, and pay attention to add in. Regularly check the maintenance, check the power cord, including the inside connection, plug and switch is normal, insulation resistance without problems, brush the tailstock is loose, commutator and brush contact is good, the armature winding expansion of stator winding is a moderate level open circuit phenomenon, whether the damage of bearing and rotating parts and so on. Finally, should also pay attention to save each parts. Removal and replacement for some work, we should pay attention to see whether can normal use, and make records, at the time of replacement parts, be sure to choose and specifications of the parts, when assembly must put all parts according to its original position, there is no omissions, to ensure the wire drawing machine can work normally.

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