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Wire drawing machine is an important mechanical metal wire processing equipment

by:HONTA     2020-04-10
Wire drawing machine in the metal wire used for machining more specifications of the wire, steel wire drawing machine is one of the important equipment of metal wire processing. From the product terminal, wire drawing machine can be divided into large drawing machine, drawing machine, small machine, micro tensile machine; From inside the wire drawing machine and control mode and the structure, can be divided into tank, pulley, such as type straight into several major. For different requirements, different precision of different specifications of products, different kinds of metal, can choose different specifications of the wire drawing machine. Wire drawing machine is composed of pay-off, wire drawing, water-cooled, take-up and ribbon cable and other parts, including electric drive part is mainly composed of pay-off machine, drawing lines to receive a motor and motor, it is very important for the production quality and efficiency for the enterprise. Wire drawing machine can be divided into the pulley drawing machine, loop type wire drawing machine, drawing machine of straight into three. For copper and aluminum base material of the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, the dual frequency conversion control of thin machine is widely used, relatively, the requirement of control performance is low, wire drawing factory for most of the steel production enterprises, in view of the steel features, its accuracy and drawing with high stability, thus use more straight into the type of wire drawing machine. Dry pulley wire drawing machine is a kind of used for drawing wire wire drawing machine, wire drawing factory house the new technology are applied on the equipment and the high efficiency, low cost and ensure the quality of the products, so the wire drawing machine are unanimous favorable comment of customer, market prospects look good.
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