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Wire drawing machine is one of the important equipment for metal wire production

by:HONTA     2020-04-09
Wire drawing machine is technology products production processing equipment, the main purpose of the drawing machine is to metal products manufacturing enterprise of wire or rod after dealing with the drawing of wire drawing machine to make the diameter of wire or rod, roundness, internal structure, parameters such as surface finish and straightening degrees can meet the processing requirements of metal products need. So the wire drawing machine for the pretreatment of the metal wire or rod quality has a direct relationship, at the same time and the production of the products quality are closely linked. Metal wire drawing machine is mainly used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing industry, petrochemical industry, etc. Due to metal wire drawing machine is a manufacturer of wire rod or bar straightening and fine has been pre processing device, so the production enterprise product quality plays a decisive role, so the metal wire drawing machine how to ensure the quality of the product processing? This will require a metal wire drawing machine precision work, the precision work is precise control of drawing speed, metal wire drawing machine for speed control requirements is very high, the whole control system is very complex, between each motor control device to coordinate with each other. Metal wire drawing machine system adopts four servo motor control, and can fully satisfy the real-time interaction between the data. In order to ensure that in accordance with the rail lateral side of the algorithm, requirements can quickly calculate the bank wire. Make full use of the internal firmware servo function, by the calculation of the drive itself, greatly to omit the traditional control system of wire drawing machine line position to calculate the total time. Then send instruction to the drive, ensure the line line, to minimize delay by the controller.
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