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Wire drawing machine mould invalidation problem analysis

by:HONTA     2020-08-05

as everybody knows, wire drawing machine equipment in the work need to match the suitable mould, and most of the wire drawing machine mold after installation and debugging, to be able to maintain normal production condition, and we usually will be mould service this process. Clearly, users friends are more hope mould should be able to achieve a longer service deadline, it will bring a lot of convenience.

however, in practical work, there are always some accident happens, such as wire drawing machine equipment of the mold in the process of production, due to some reasons, there are some defects or at the time of use and install the damaged, it will affect the service life of die, cause in a short period of time will appear some problems, such as micro cracks, wear and deformation, etc. Although under rather mild condition, still be able to meet the needs of work, but after accumulated to a certain degree will lead to failure. What is failure? In our practical work, if it is found that wire drawing machine equipment appeared a major part of the mould is damaged, can't continue to work out qualified artifacts, can be regarded as mould invalidation. Typically, die main failure form of plastic deformation, wear, rupture, or crack, metal fatigue and corrosion, and so on. In addition, if is divided according to the failure time, also it can be divided into normal failure and early failure. If it is after a large number of production use, due to the friction problem two appear natural wear and tear or slow deformation problems, and wire drawing machine mould service life has reached the standard of the normal use, these are belong to the normal failure phenomenon. And if it is another case, when haven't reach normal life, wire drawing machine equipment of the mould is appeared serious problem, lead to can't normal production work, that means that belongs to the early failure problem. This time we need to find out the specific reason, and to take remedial measures in time.

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