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Wire drawing machine noise prevention and electricity saving little common sense

by:HONTA     2020-08-04

when objects have vibration that there will be a sound, if the voice affect our rest and work that is called noise. In the industrial production or transportation time there will be noise, it is a kind of pollution. When we are in the drawing workshop of wire drawing machine to operate, the noise is very big, he like this also has a great influence to the health of the operator.

when the gear in the sports gear noise will appear, he is also a wire drawing machine's biggest noise sources, the mating surface or the gear when they in assembly if there are gaps so it is possible to let them in for driving when there is a lot of noise. We have to adjust his gear clearance, which ensures that the gear lubrication. Wire drawing machine of cylinder in need heating, is the use of heating, heating coil this way are electricity, heating process is this: the first heating circle need their first fever, and then the heat transfer to wire drawing machine of cylinder, the inevitable in the process of heat transfer will lose part of quantity of heat, waste heat is a waste of electricity. Also due to the outer surface of the heating coil is bound to come into contact with the air, so there will be a part of the waste heat in the air, it is equal to wasting electricity, wire drawing machine heat transfer was just lost nearly forty percent of the electricity, heating coil part in order to avoid this situation, we can use a named electromagnetic heater products, as long as the wire drawing machine the surface of the cylinder wrapped in a layer of insulation cotton, coupled with a layer of electromagnetic heating coil. Will appear after electrify, electromagnetic coil electromagnetic induction, the cylinder will automatically fever, but because of the heat preservation cotton generated and not to the temperature of the air, so the energy was saved, compared with heating, electromagnetic heater can save more than thirty percent of the electricity, at least very save and cost-effective, heating speed and ideal, is currently the wire drawing machine the best working partner.

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