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Wire drawing machine of single frequency conversion and variable frequency difference

by:HONTA     2020-07-20

today, as the wire drawing machine application more and more common, there is some question is always bothering the masses of users. Such as about the wire drawing machine of single variable frequency and variable frequency in terms of performance and use what's the difference? At the time of production, whether choose single frequency or frequency conversion more appropriate?

first of all, we first introduce the order frequency wire drawing machine. The structure of the equipment, now usually adopts the in-line cone structure, bearing positioning way is before and after positioning. Seal USES a skeleton oil seal. Its principle of work is mainly to collect the line in host pulse and pulse signal, after the PLC processing, to control the tension. This shows that the tension of the relative slip of variable. During production, can through regulating the given the size of the dial the code, and want to slip. Actually this slip has certain advantages, so the single variable frequency wire drawing machine is more suitable for processing copper wire and die, which is why the industry workers said the cause of the single variable frequency drives well. The latter, on the structure and principle are different, it usually is the use of vertical structure, bearing positioning methods are unilateral positioning, and it is the mechanical seal. The line in the host and each has a motor, in order to make the two motor to achieve good correlation, double frequency wire drawing machine tension control is also gradually entered a special winding converter, this method is very simple to use. With the effect of swinging rod tension, make the precision potential for partial pressure, and then send out, then through operation, achieve the effect of tension control. Through the above analysis, we found that the two devices each have each advantages and disadvantages. For single frequency wire drawing machine, while it is possible to achieve a higher processing speed, but its bearing problems more easily, and oil seal can also occur wear and maintenance cost is high. As for the double frequency wire drawing machine, it has the advantage of energy saving, sturdy and durable, maintenance cost is low, and don't need to worry about the problem of wear and tear, but speed is very limited, and if the mould wear can easily lead to break problems.

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