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Wire drawing machine of the heating mode in detail

by:HONTA     2020-08-04

wire drawing machine is used for general plastic wire drawing machine, gold higher demand. The system is more complex, control equipment, the harmony between the demand for each motor. For wire drawing machine for heating way have a good variety of, have a plenty of resistance wire is used to heat, have a plenty of using electromagnetic heating.

with the heat transfer resistance wire heating was quite used to heating, it is due to iron after heat to heat transfer into the cylinder, in the process of this part of the heat is on the way, is consumed, and another part is distributed in the air, thus formed the waste of thermal energy, it also tantamount to wasting electricity. Electromagnetic heater is used for plastic machinery for heating and energy saving, can completely replace the old plate resistance heating, main is wrapped in a layer of heat preservation cotton on the cylinder, so can reduce consumption of thermal energy, and again on heat preservation cotton wrapped a layer of electromagnetic heating coil, when to wire drawing machine access to electricity, the inside of the cylinder iron molecules occurs more strongly. The cylinder will be fever, therefore this method less electricity than a conventional way, efficiency is more high and from traditional resistive current electromagnetic heating type can save about thirty percent of electricity. The speed of how easy manipulation of the wire drawing machine wire drawing machine speed control system is a demand is very high. A mechanical equipment wire drawing machine manufacturers, the control system can supply a very precise linear velocity and lubrication. The system chooses four servo motor control, and satisfied with the data real-time interaction between the real-time exchange of data between each group of each axis servo reinforced straightening cutting machine. Demand hasten to the interaction between the motor shaft system view, in order to ensure that in accordance with the algorithm of track lateral side of the local, can demand the bank wire accounting, their own accounting by the driver, the driver motor line line, greatly saves the traditional wire drawing machine control system of the orientation of the lines to accounting, and then send to drive because of time delay, ensure the line line, to try to cut through the manipulation of the delay.

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