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Wire drawing machine the collocation of equipment and galvanized equipment use

by:HONTA     2020-04-01
Wire both in daily life and in industry, construction industry is indispensable, we can do a variety of different applications with wire. Especially in the industrial production of wire is very important, such as silk screen product use metal wire mesh products are mostly woven, each need to use different types of wire and wire, metal wire. So how to wire 'to meet the requirements? This needs us wire drawing machine equipment, wire drawing machine equipment can be set according to the demand of different types of metal wire. Wire drawing machine equipment can be divided into the compound straight into type wire drawing machine, automatic wire drawing machine, even cans of wire drawing machine, water tank wire drawing machine, etc. , different wire drawing machine has a different production efficiency, and of course the price also has some different. Questions about the price we don't detail here, today, we mainly discuss the combination of wire drawing machine has galvanized equipment applications. Wire drawing machine to pull out the wire is generally not embalmed, stored for a long time will rust, then we need to be carried out anti-corrosive treatment. Anticorrosive processing can be divided into hot dipped galvanized anti-corrosion treatment and electricity galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. Electric galvanized galvanized anti-corrosion treatment commonly used equipment, can be divided into the normal galvanized galvanized equipment equipment and barrel plating equipment, etc. The galvanized equipment used in different areas, according to the characteristics of the metal wire unique, using common galvanized equipment is unable to achieve high quality galvanized. So specially designed wire galvanized equipment, to achieve seamless galvanized thin wire. Thus wire drawing machine and galvanized equipment is inseparable, after drawing the wire need to use galvanized equipment galvanized as soon as possible to ensure that its service life. Galvanized equipment application is very extensive, galvanized equipment in the application of cable guardrail and the application in welded wire mesh products, in the application of stone cage net, etc.
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