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Wire drawing machine wire break phenomenon

by:HONTA     2020-08-07

in wire drawing machine work, its main task is to wire drawing, wire drawing quality represents the quality of their work, so, if the wire drawing machine in the broken wire phenomena appeared in the process of drawing, what should I do? Why the phenomenon of broken wires?

let's analyze the phenomenon of reason broken wires, according to the experience summary, the emergence of this situation, one of the main reason may be the wire drawing machine wire drawing die appeared problem, its in the uninterrupted production due to wear and tear caused by drawing die sizing area bigger, led to the formation of broken wire. The main reason, is the quality problem of the processing materials. Different materials have different characteristics, in the process of production, if it is due to the material appeared irregular quality defects, these defects can lead to wire in wire drawing machine wire drawing deformation, unable to withstand the tension and be pulled apart or cause drag mark. In general, this kind of circumstance is mainly appear in the case of material quality is bad, material good quality rarely appear this kind of phenomenon. Finally a kind of reason, also more common, may be in the wire drawing machine production process, because of using annealing current is suddenly changed, such as sudden high current, caused by wire is pulled in the annealing process, burn out or mutation of strong current. So, for the above the problems caused by different reasons, how should solve? First of all, we have to check the quality of the material is unqualified, then carries on the drawing. In this way, can find defects as early as possible, then can through reduce the wire drawing machine wire drawing speed, or remove the defective parts, so as to avoid the broken wires. In addition, for other causes of this phenomenon, we should be observed in the production, ensure that in the process of drawing, by annealing current is stable, at the same time, in accordance with the changes in line speed to control the size of the annealing current, ensure the annealing current is increased with the increase of wire speed slowly and steadily, to wire drawing machine equipments running well.

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