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Wire drawing machine wire drawing surface quality of the product is unqualified

by:HONTA     2020-08-10

wire drawing machine in the process of drawing, the drawing wire surface unqualified problems sometimes. In practice, we need according to the specific situation to choose measures for processing, in order to reduce losses. Unqualified product surface consists of several different phenomena, here we will introduce two kinds of common situation, the following were introduced.

the first problem is the wire drawing machine equipment drawing wire surface there is a scratch, dent and scratch, and other issues. Its the reason mainly includes seven, respectively: cone on jump line problems; Has groove die cone; When you receive ribbon cable wire brush take-up dish side; Equipment has some can cause damage to wire; Coil is damaged; The line in the ground uneven and too full, etc. Aiming at the problem of the above analysis of the reason, we give Suggestions as follows: in a timely manner to wire drawing machine equipment cone surface light, and corrective Angle; Remove the cone to repair; Adjust the line width, leveling line dish side; Timely maintenance and adjustment the region; The coil should & quot; T” Word put; Renovated floor; Should maintain a serious and responsible attitude in the job, avoid the line too full. The second problem is to use wire drawing machine equipment in the process of drawing wire, found on the surface of the product the pockmark, peeling, triangle and burr and so on. The cause of the problems mainly include has five, respectively: rod material such as flash, inclusion and shrinkage cavity problem; Poor quality of acid cleaning; Hole is not smooth, there is a certain deformation; Lubrication is not reasonable; Cone is not smooth, etc. Aiming at this problem, we should take measures as follows: the first is to strengthen the material inspection, unqualified raw materials are not allowed to enter guy working procedure; Secondly to ensure that wire drawing machine equipment operation process; The third should pay attention to maintain the performance and quality of mold used; Good lubrication should be paid attention to the fourth nursing; 5 shall timely polished surface of cone, adjust the mold fitting.

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