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Without pickling drawing machine conforms to the basic national conditions now

by:HONTA     2020-04-08
Since China's reform and opening up, China's rapid economic development, at the same time of rapid economic development has brought a series of problems to the society, such as environmental pollution problems have been listed as key control project, the government authority along with the renovation work of the environmental protection department now, there have been more and more pollution and pollution related enterprise been suspended, for our machinery manufacturing enterprises, how to make their products to achieve environmental protection practical? This has been our bright screen mechanical thinking problem. Wire drawing machine as a kind of advanced technology products, has formed a certain production line, but traditional drawing machine caused serious pollution of acid pickling process, including air pollution, and waste pollution, in order to improve the polluting of wire drawing machine, let drawing function to reduce pollution in the fast pace of economic development and even improved for environmental protection equipment is adapted to our current environmental conditions and our professional and technical personnel after repeated thinking and try for a long period of time, in the traditional pickling drawing technology has achieved great results. As you all know, the traditional sulfuric acid pickling pickling process of wire drawing machine does not use the fire death other acidic chemical drugs or rust on the surface of the steel wire to chemical reaction to remove surface rust. And new environmental protection wire drawing machine adopts mechanical descaling device will be cleaned or rust on the surface of the steel wire and its 360 - degree rotation into line method will rid of oxide on the surface of the skin, and then polished steel brush, finally using special lubricant application without pickling to avoid the surface adhesion at the end of the rust and can effectively avoid the happening of the bolt. New type of pickling drawing machine to is to extent to avoid the traditional pickling drawing machine of environmental pollution, its process is simpler and easier operation, to some extent, reduce the production cost at the same time.
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