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You know the difference between a galvanized galvanized wire surface and spray silver deposit and standard

by:HONTA     2020-09-01

galvanized wire with low carbon steel wire rod processing and into, using low carbon steel, after drawing molding, pickling derusting, high temperature annealing, hot dip galvanized. And added to the cooling process such as how to store maintenance galvanized wire storage environment, attention should be given to the air humidity of the workshop, the warehouse in the rainy season, Suggestions for moisture by measuring 8 - paper cost 10, usually book paper is larger than the paper moisture absorption, and pH value is higher also should pay attention to more appear galvanized wire rusting phenomenon. In general storage of galvanized wire in the normal environment ( In addition to the oxidation of room) , galvanized wire for two years would not have happened by corrosion phenomenon, but should pay attention to in the process of handling galvanized wire must be light to take light put prevent galvanized wire outer packing wear. In the humid environment, galvanized wire storage keep in a damp environment there are many places need to be aware of, because the summer rain is more, the reason of the humid climate environment, galvanized wire easily happened to oxidize the galvanized wire surface layer of the galvanized layer, the galvanized layer if too thick ( Of course the more thick, the not easy to rust) Will not SGS environmental protection standard; But if galvanized wire galvanized layer too thin, easy oxidation, and the water molecules cause rust. Damp environment save will have impact on the galvanized wire. Galvanized wire on the surface of galvanized and spray galvanized refers to the difference between a silver on the surface of metal, alloy or other material coated with a layer of zinc in surface treatment technology in one of the beautiful, rust, etc. Zinc soluble in acid, soluble in alkali also, so it is amphoteric metal. Zinc in the dry air almost no change. In the humid air, zinc and the alkaline zinc carbonate type film surface is generated. Zinc coating belongs to the anode sex coating, it is mainly used to prevent corrosion of steel, the pros and cons of the protective performance and coating thickness of the relationship. Zinc plating passivation treatment, dyeing or after coating to protect the light agent, can significantly improve the protective and decorative. Although after galvanized galvanized wire and silver paint spray effect appearance. But the effect is very big difference, galvanized wire is the zinc layer surface, good adhesion, good corrosion resistance. And silver powder paint film is actually a mixture of aluminum powder and polymer, after paint film is brittle, easy adhesion problems, and corrosion resistance also somewhat difference. Above is the related matters of galvanized wire equipment, hope to be able to help you

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