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HONTA is a professional manufacturer specializing in wire drawing machine and other wire machine since 2006.

Our products are famous for their high speed, high efficiency, automation and humanization.

Wire drawing machine has different kinds for option, such as multi wire drawing machine, 4 head / 16 head / 24 head wire drawing machine, etc.

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We are here as long as you need .

Honta is not only manufacturing high performance wire machine, but also provide excelent service.



HONTA provides professional pre-sales technical support, project planning consulting, and production line optimization solutions; you can also visit the HONTA workshop to test the quality components of our equipment.

After-sales/spare parts Service

After-sales/spare parts Service

HONTA's after-sales team of 22 professional engineers provides you with 7*24 hours of mechanical and electrical fault service. You can pre-prepare the equipment fault description, video, picture, equipment nameplate and other information, contact us:

International pre-sales/in-service/in-service:

International pre-sales/in-service/in-service:

HONTA International Regional Team provides you with 7*24 hours of dedicated sales services. We are here as long as you need .


HONTA was established in September 2006. It is committed to the technical research of wire drawing and strand of cable conductor for a long time. It has long-term friendly cooperation with many well-known cable enterprises at home and abroad.


The company's main products are copper wire and aluminum wire drawing production line, wire electroplating production line, multi-head wire drawing production line series, high-speed strand equipment. Has become a considerable scale of wire machine system service providers. Our products are famous for their high speed, high efficiency, automation and humanization.


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Booth No. : W2F21 Time: 2018.09.26-29 Address: Shanghai new international expo center, no. 2345, pudong new area, Shanghai, China Transportation: metro line 2 line 7 maglev Welcome to negotiate
The seventh China international cable and wire exhibition Booth no. : Hall1J81 Time: 2018.11.27-29 Address: international exhibition center, mumbai, India Welcome to negotiate
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